Madonna booming on Instagram with lip-sync rap of Baby Keem

2 min readNov 5, 2022


Madonna’s fans may be used to the music, of reinventing herself, but her latest scary video with blonde hair and no eyebrows has flashed concern from her most devoted followers.


Madonna ‘Like A Virgin’ singer holds a career from her headline-hitting stunts, but her current social media activity is possibly not anchoring as she expected.

On November 3, on Instagram, she shared a video, with her 18.6 million fans, lip-syncing to rapper Baby Keem’s ‘vent‘.

In the video, she was seen sporting red braids and blonde eyebrows and modeling a light top, black bra, black pants, and a corset.

After 8 million views, fans flocked to the comments bar to express their intentions for their icon.

Madonna lip-syncing to rap ‘vent’

One fan wrote: “You were my idol. I loved your music, please stop with these odd reels!”

“I hope you can see your reflection through the eyes of others. So pathetic what you become now,” another fan remarked.

A third wrote: “I was fan of you, but now it’s really disturbing to see fall of her. It might be humorous for a youngster but, I believe you must stop riding out with kids and encircle yourself with other factual icons. So you can recognize who you were and who you are now.”

“What happened to her? She doesn’t look as she was,” another fan questioned. “Whatever transpires to welcoming your age and aging with elegance.”

One of the other fans commented: “I used to admire you. Witnessing you like this is really disturbing. Unfortunately, people around you are not helping you.”

Another fan worried: “You can stay disruptive without being silly.”


Others quickly defended her, with one person writing: “I adore all the remarks about ‘what happened to Madonna’. You signify the woman who has always compelled the envelope, challenged the position quo, and has been condemned her whole profession for not fitting into a societally drilled box.

“You all undoubtedly don’t fucking know Madonna. She’s not your fucking Barbie Doll.”

This current video came after singer posted racy pictures on her Instagram Story, which once again got individuals gossiping.

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