Kanye West kicked off from social media after Anti-Semitic posts

9 min readOct 11, 2022

Kanye West’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been locked due to Jewish posts and violating policies, now legally known as Ye. Earlier, Ye was criticised for wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt in her collection at Paris Fashion Week.

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A spokesperson for Meta, the parent of Twitter and Instagram, said Sunday that Ye posted messages that violated their policies.

In a tweet sent Saturday night, Ye said he would soon be performing “Death Con Three on JEWISH People,” according to the Internet Archive. This is an apparent reference to the DEFCON.

In the tweet deleted by Twitter, he said: “You’ve been toying with me and trying to blackmail anyone who opposes your program.”

Kanye defended his “White Lives Matter” fashion statement while sharing his father’s reaction to him wearing the shirt at the Fashion Week show.

During an appearance on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the rapper defended his decision to don the top, inviting criticism from the fashion world.

Recalling his father’s response, he said, “My dad is ex-Black Panther, and he put in a text that, he said, ‘White Lives Matter.’ Ha ha ha ha ha.’”

“And I said, ‘I felt it was a funny shirt and the idea of wearing it too.’ And I asked Dad why he thinks it funny?’ He expressed, ‘Just a Black man remarking the evident.’

He continued: “That was my favoured reaction. Because people, they’re glancing for an answer, and people state, ‘As an artist you don’t have to answer,’ but as a director, you do.”

The answer to why I wrote White Lives Matter is just because it’s obvious they matter.

American television host Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Kanye after “White Lives Matter” issue.
American television host Tucker Carlson, who interviewed Kanye after “White Lives Matter” issue.

West received criticism after he declared the now controversial shirt at the fashion show from all fans and celebrities.

Rapper Kanye West also scolded the media during his interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, accusing him of a Godless agenda.

West called out the media after he defended his recent decision to wear a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his Paris.

“I do certain things from a feeling. I channel the energy. It just feels right. It’s utilising a gut instinct, a relationship with God, and luminance,” West spoke of the t-shirt. “If you question Tonya Harding how she accomplished the Triple Axel, she practised a lot that when it was time for her to slide in a competitive form, it just ensued. It happened outside, of course. It occurred in the simple format.” Kanye West

Kanye West then aroused God and his combat with the media, blaming them for a “Godless agenda.”

“God is training us for actual battles. We all are in a war with the media,” he stated. “Media has a Godless agenda and has been watched that farces occur, particularly to me, and just pretend as if nothing is happening.”

American former figure skater Tonya Harding
American former figure skater Tonya Harding

Kanye West received a deluge of objections over his shirt, to which he replied by calling “Black Lives Matter” a hoax in an Instagram post:

We know Black Lives Matter was a scam but know it’s over, and you all are welcome.

During interview with Carlson, West also repeated his pro-life position, noting a lot of black babies being aborted in New York.

“It’s a fact that more black children are aborted than are born in New York,” he said. “50% of black deaths in America are due to abortion.” “So I don’t care what people say or think; I act for only one person and that is God.”

Rapper Sean Diddy Combs posted a video on Instagram saying he’s not in favour of the shirt and urging people not to buy it.

On Instagram, Ye posted a screenshot of a text conversation with Diddy and suggested that the Jews were controlling him, according to reports.

According to their policies, both social networks prohibit posting offensive language.

Ye‘s Twitter account is still active, but he can’t post until the end of the indefinite hiatus.

Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, will sometimes place restrictions on accounts that repeatedly violate its rules.

Ye returned to Twitter on Saturday after a two-year hiatus, allegedly after Instagram locked his account.

American rapper Diddy Combs
American rapper Diddy Combs

Billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who extended his $44 billion bid to acquire Twitter last week after a month-long legal battle with the company, welcomed Ye‘s return to the platform. Before he was suspended with the tweet: “Welcome to Twitter, my friend.”

Musk said he would turn Twitter into a haven for free speech and ease restrictions, though it’s unclear exactly how influential he would run the network if he took over.

West, 45, also posted a screenshot via Instagram of a text message between him and Diddy, in which Ye wrote, “I’ll use you as an example to show the Jews who told you to call me that no one has threatened or influenced me.”

Legend, 43, poked fun at how a so-called “liberal and independent thinker” like the West can “land on the same old anti-darkish and anti-Semitism” via Twitter on Sunday.

Curtis, who is Jewish, later told Hoda Kotb on Monday’s “Today” show that she was “in tears” over the videos posted on West’s social media, saying, “It was horrible. Surprised”.

Jack Antonoff, meanwhile, called West a “bitch,” while Michael Rapaport called the entertainment billionaire a “dirt bastard” in a video.

Sarah Silverman also joined in condemning West’s tweet, writing, “Yesterday Kanye threatened Jews on Twitter, and that’s not even trendy. Why is it that most of the time, only Jews speak out against Jewish hatred? Silence is powerful.

American comedian Sarah Silverman
American comedian Sarah Silverman

Maria Shriver also spoke, asking her followers to “never forget” West’s words. The 66-year-old journalist wrote.

“We all have to start with this.” All parties and all faiths must condemn these threats and this language. “

West’s Instagram account was restricted over the weekend due to the posts, which led to him criticizing Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter — before his presence on that platform was also restricted.

Journalist Maria Shriver
Journalist Maria Shriver

“Look, Mark,” designer Yeezy captioned a mirror image of the 38-year-old Facebook co-founder, whose company Meta also owns Instagram. “How can you remove me from Instagram?”

West’s outcry follows the backlash he faced for wearing a “White Lives Matter” shirt at his fashion show in Paris on October 3.

Groups deemed West’s slogan as hate speech, including the Anti-Defamation League, which has argued it has been employed against the Black Lives Matter movement.

He was also criticised by BLM grassroots activists and the family of Ahmad Arbery, who was killed in a racially motivated hate crime.

Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper, said to Rolling Stone: “In conclusion, Kanye’s slogan started trending in the U.S., which would direct support and legitimise extremist behaviour, [much] like the behaviour that took the life of her son.”

She expressed disappointment in West, saying that this type of hate speech is exactly what the family of Arbery is “attempting to combat.”

In 2020, he reportedly contributed approximately $2 million to the families of Ahmad Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor.

“It’s baffling for the families to be helped by him secretly but publicly to place us all rear.”

Palestinian-American model Gigi Hadid has publicly shown support for journalist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson after rapper Kanye West took to Instagram and criticized the Vogue editor for her commentary on his Yeezy show at Paris Fashion Week.

“He was showing a dystopian world when whiteness may vanish or in danger to insist on defense,” Johnson said in an Instagram story.

She called Ye‘s move “deeply offensive and destructive” and named the T-shirts “pure violence.”

The slogan is a white supremacist expression initiated in 2015 as a racist reaction to the Black Lives Matter campaign for the rights of Black Americans.

In usual Ye fashion, Kanye published many posts about the journalist Johnson, with pictures in which he disparaged her dresses. He then deleted them all.

Model Hadid remarked in his post, “you desire to have a percentage of her brilliance. You don’t know, haha…. If there’s a point to any of your crap, she might be the person who could save you.”

Gigi Hadid-Kanye West-Gabriella Karefa
Gigi Hadid-Kanye West-Gabriella Karefa

He felt the writer was being used “like Trevor Noah” and other people of colour to express their thoughts on him.

Hadid again commented under his post and rectified him for naming Johnson Gabby rather than her name, Gabriella.

Hadid wrote in her photo, “one of the most noteworthy spokespeople in our industry could school that contemptible man in more terms than he knows.”

She also reshared Vogue’s statement and assured son that she had her support.

At the same time, Vogue issued a statement on Instagram saying that they stand with their global fashion editor as a significant and longtime contributor.

They also noted that the writer was “privately targeted and compelled” and called it inappropriate.


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No, West won’t be at Coachella 2022.

Did Kanye West Attend Grammys 2022?

No, Kanye West didn’t attend Grammys 2022 held on April 4, 2022 because of his social media controversies.

Is Kanye West an ordained minister?

Kanye West after the birth of Psalm West became Ordained Minister.

What astrology sign is Kanye West?

West’s astrological sign is Gemini [sun], born on June 8, 1977.

Who has custody of Kanye West’s kids?

Kanye West and Kim both have joint custody of their children.

Why is Kanye West not playing Coachella?

Kanye West hadn’t practised for Coachella, last he appeared in 2011.

Is Kanye West still performing at Rolling loud?

No, Kanye isn’t performing at Rolling Loud.

When did Kanye West start his Sunday service?

On April 21, 2019 West started his Sunday Service at the Easter event of Easter on Coachella.

What are the ages of Kanye West kids?

Kanye is the father of four children, first child North West, 9 [was born on June 15, 2013], second child Saint West, 6 [born on December 5, 2015], third one Chicago West, 4 [born on January 15, 2018], last one Psalm West, 3 [born on May 3, 2019].

What kind of doctor was Kanye West’s mother?

West’s mother Donna West was Doctor of English Education and was a professor by profession.

When is Kanye West’s mom’s birthday?

Birthday of Kanye West’s mother, Donna West, is July 12, 1949.

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Kanye donates to Common Ground Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, Dr. Donda West Foundation, Food Bank For New York City, GRAMMY Foundation, Habitat For Humanity, Human Rights Watch, LIFEbeat, Live 8, Live Earth. Other than that, West had his own foundation, Kanye West Foundation, for the help of Youth.

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Kanye West’s children go to Sierra Canyon, a private school.

Where are Kanye West Yeezy shoes made?

Kanye West Yeezy shoes are made under Adidas in China.

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