Deniece Cornejo’s Camp presenting another witness against Vhong Navarro

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The second witness of the camp of Deniece Cornejo will be presented at the second bail hearing to Vhong Navarro. Lawyer of Deniece’s grandfather advised to settle down and move on.

Deniece Cornejo
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-Vhong Navarro's Second Trial
-Deniece Cornejo as second witness
-Vhong: Subject Topic at 'Cristy Ferminute' show
-Advice of Deniece Cornejo's Lawyer to settle down

As per Manila Bulletin, Vhong is still being detained, and there was also no mention of the identity of the second witness.

Vhong has been charged with rape by Deniece Cornejo, and he is also facing a separate charge of acts of lust, as reported by CNN.

In the first hearing, it was Cedric Lee, who stood as a witness against the comedian.

The camp of Vhong filed a petition for bail with the court, where the prosecution can present up to five witnesses, considering that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution.

During the arraignment, Vhong did not enter a plea, which was why the court entered a plea of “not guilty” for him, as per ABS-CBN.

Vhong is a Filipino comedian, actor, dancer, singer, judge, and television host of ABS-CBN entertainment corporations.

He became part of the dance institution avenue boys in the Philippines. He is one of the pioneer hosts of the noontime range display “it is Showtime.”

Vhong’s second bail hearing was scheduled today became among the topics discussed in the ultra-modern episode of “Cristy Ferminute.”

Hosts Cristy Fermin and Romel Chika expressed their want that the courtroom’s selection might favor Vhong.

Cristy also said the “It’s Showtime” host’s supporters hope that the detained actor would be allowed to post bail at the earliest possible time.

Vhong is currently under the National Bureau of Investigation custody due to his cases filed by Denice Cornejo.

He was among the subjects in the latest episode of Cristy Fermin’s online program, “Showbiz Now Na!” Cristy and her co-host once again commented on the actor’s legal woes.

Vhong Navarro accused for rapping Deniece Cornejo

As the trial for his case began, Cristy believed that Vhong’s petition for bail needed to be prioritised.

Television host and comedian Ferdinand “VhongNavarro’s first day of trial for the rape case filed by model Deniece Cornejo started, October 13, in a court in Taguig.

The Taguig Regional Trial Court Branch 69 is handling the criminal case, which accused Navarro of raping Cornejo in her condominium unit on January 17, 2014.

Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo
Vhong Navarro-Deniece Cornejo

Alma Mallonga, Navarro’s lawyer, said the TV host’s emotional state is not good, but he remains strong and positive.

“I like to say for all those concerned about Vhong. I have spoken to him. Of course, his emotional state is not as good as we wanted it to be. But I am happy to say that he remains strong. He is doing his best to remain positive, and the fighting spirit is there. Walang iwanan, laban lang talaga. Just do what we need to do,” she said.

The start of the trial came after the court prosecuted Navarro on October 11, but he did not appear in person.

During the arraignment, Navarro refused to plead. The court entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf based on the rules.

Navarro’s lawyer, Alma Mallonga, said Navarro did not enter a plea due to a pending petition regarding the case before the Supreme Court.

As the Taguig court allows, Navarro will not attend the trial in person but through videoconferencing.

“The arraignment and pre-trial proceeded. The court made clear that moving forward, her policy is that persons deprived of liberty, Mr. Vhong Navarro, will appear via videoconferencing,” said Mallonga on October 11.

She added, “But all other persons, including counsels and witnesses, will appear face-to-face before the honourable court.”

Howard Calleja, Cornejo’s lawyer, said what is essential is for the court to hear Cornejo’s case.

“What is important is for the court to hear Deniece Cornejo‘s case against Vhong that she was victimised eight years ago, and we will prove that in this court (What is important is for the court to hear Deniece Cornejo‘s case against Vhong, that she was victimised eight years ago and we will prove it in this court),” he said.

Mallonga said the court had set dates for Navarro’s petition for bail, which he is seeking after the court issued a non-bailable warrant of arrest against him on September 19 for the rape case.

In 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and prosecutors dismissed the rape complaints, prompting Cornejo to eventually elevate them to the Court of Appeals (CA).

In a decision promulgated on July 21 this yr, the CA ruled in the desire of Cornejo and ordered the Taguig city Prosecutor’s office to file cases for rape and acts of lasciviousness against Navarro.

Navarro is detained at the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) penal complex in Manila.

He surrendered to the NBI on September 19 after the prior arrest warrant with a bail of P36,000 changed issued by the Taguig Metropolitan Trial court docket department 116 for the case of acts of lasciviousness.

Deniece Cornejo as Youth Ambassador
Deniece Cornejo as Youth Ambassador

However, the second arrest warrant with no bail recommended for the rape case came out on September 19.

I HOPE that TV host and comedian Vhong Navarro and former model Deniece Cornejo can settle their cases.

In the interview with Deniece’s grandfather, Atty. Axel Gonzales of “TV Patrol” said he hoped that his grandson and Vhong would have a settlement because they both have cases against each other.

“If I am asked as a lawyer, I am not leading Atty. (Howard) Calleja, right? But as lawyers, they both have careers; they should settle the problem.

“Because Deniece Cornejo has a rape case against Vhong, Vhong has (a case of) severe illegal detention against them, so what will you do?

“The point is, let’s help the court! Let us settle all these problems that can be settled, right? And then move on for me,” explained the girl’s grandfather.

Many people were surprised by this statement from Deniece’s grandfather, so the question to him was, “Is this something that you recommend to Deniece Cornejo?”

“No, that is what my personal opinion is. I won’t put the group on hold, especially since so many of them. For me, maybe they should settle, move on so that it’s over because the only people who benefit from this are the lawyers,” argued Atty. Gonzales.

Vhong and Deniece did not have a chance to face-to-face in their hearing yesterday because the actor attended online and did not plead, so the court itself said: “not guilty.”

Deniece’s lead counsel, Atty., was asked for a reaction. Calleja about the girl’s grandfather’s opinion, but he refused to comment.

Because he and Deniece Cornejo talked about getting justice for Vhong’s alleged rape, they didn’t discuss the settlement.

Meanwhile, we read some comments from netizens on an online website about the opinion of Denice’s grandfather, who said that he saw that his grandson’s case was weak.

Irish Frank said, “Well, the reason Deniece made the noise didn’t come out either. I am questioning because that is a grandfather; if his grandson is aggrieved, he will do everything to jail the one his grandson aggrieved. Just saying.”

Deniece Cornejo
Deniece Cornejo

For Christine Cualbar, “Because his grandfather knows that there is no clan against Kay Chong, that is even more important. It will be emphasised in the DHL case that he proves that Cedric’s Jan is already in prison and that he knows what they are doing to Lay Chong; it’s like he’s begging; on the other hand, Cedric and Conejo are in jail again, so it means they know if one is the one who will win and be dismissed in their case, get file Kay Chong, Cornejo wants him to be famous for the shame of what he is doing, feeling like a victim, hahaha poor girl with no sense DHL just used the money.”

Gracia Salva also agreed, “he is not involved in the trouble or the case. His teacher saw that their case was weak.”

From Auch Käth, “If I’m with you, Vhong, you keep fighting. Teach them a lesson! It’s not because they know it’s a weak case. They will settle when you agree. You still cannot prove innocent because the law does not decide that! You need assurance and closure in that case so that it can never be opened again! When they laugh at you when you make a settlement and another, it’s like you’ve admitted you’re guilty!”

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